Rubbing Hands

New Products + Packaging: Children’s Games

Packaging + Support Materials, Logos

Rubbing Hands creates games that encourage kids to get up and move while playing by their own rules.


Each of the games and their packaging need to tell parents that they are buying something special and unique. These are games, not toys, that customers can feel good about giving to friends and family.

Target Audience

Customers looking to buy a quality gift for a child 4yrs – 8yrs old.

Main Message

Rubbing Hands games encourage kids to get up and play, and socialize. These are not mass-market items, but rather experiences in a box that we hope will be a part of the lasting stuff of childhood.

Our Solution

We used sophisticated illustrations to engage customers and convey the quality of this new line of children’s games. Additionally, they establish a unique, cohesive brand look that stands out from the competition. We worked with the client on all the elements of the games to ensure that the whole package and its contents were cohesive, and met the client’s level of quality.