Max’s Pig ‘n’ Pie

Brand Launch: BBQ Sauce Line & Food Truck

Logo, Mobile App + Packaging

Max’s Pig ‘n’ Pie is a Memphis Style BBQ Food Truck based in the SF Bay Area. Their BBQ sauces were originally sold out of the truck and soon gathered a cult-like following.


Design a new logo and brand look for their mobile app and line of BBQ sauces and rubs. The mobile app needs to drive traffic to the truck. The packages will be sold in upscale supermarkets, and therefore need to stand out on the shelf and look worthy of the higher price point.

Target Audience

All lovers of BBQ.

Main Message

Max’s Pig ‘n’ Pie BBQ Sauce and Rub will help your taste buds discover what real barbecue tastes like.

Our Solution

The logo type and pig were the result of a search for font and imagery that was charming, honest and authentic, just like the products. We used the smoke background to emphasize the BBQ, give the app a unique background, and pop the packages off the shelf. The mobile app, with clear navigation and appetite appeal, allows the customers to locate the food truck, see the menu, and have a loyalty card, among other features.